It’s hard to believe that it has been three months since my book “Ethan and Me” was published. It’s even harder to believe that my little man isn’t here with me. I think of Ethie every minute of the day and I wonder what he would have made of his new local status – the front cover of a book and having his face on a few local and national newspaprers- he would have loved the attention,that’s for sure.

“Ethan & Me” Author Geraldine Renton

I remember when I first began wiritng about Ethan, people who read the blog would stop and shake his hand or say “Hello Ethan!” when they would meet him out and about in our city of Galway. I recall a reader once sending me a quick message via my Facbook page (It’s Me & Ethan) to let me know that Ethan was out in Salthill with people that they didn’t think were family. It made me laugh and realise how many people actually read about Ethan,unknown to me.

Ethan loved attention. Ethan loved attention from everyone especially the ‘lovely ladies’; who were normally blonde haired beauties with,let’s say, certain assets. He had an eye for the blondes.

I have had gorgeous, heartfelt, openly honest messages flood my inbox since the book was published.

I haven’t been great at responding because I am deep in the trenches of grief, I never know how I will feel from one hour to the next ; that is my truth.

Ethan and Geraldine at Ethans 16th Superhero Birthday Party.

One of the messages that seem to repeat in my inbox are about how the book has made it easier for parents to help their friends and family understand a little bit about their life with a child who has extra needs.

I wasn’t expecting that. I was stunned and honoured – I never imagined Ethans life and our experiences could and would go on to help people explain what life is like for them. It’s an amazing thing to discover that your words are helping others. It is so humbling. And sad. And hopeful. And empowering …

I wanted to write this update to let you know that I am seeing and reading all your beautiful messages and reviews of the book.

Ethan standing in his sitting room 2017.

I will get back to each and every one of you but for now, thank you.

Thank you.

Please feel free to check out my new store where you can purchase your copy of “Ethan & Me”.

Ethan & Me – Author Geraldine Renton


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