Appointments and Ethan

We finally got to the appointment.

The appointment, they’ve been hounding me about for a good two months.

We walked up, well I walked, while Ethan pulled hard on my arm, in the opposite direction, dragging his afo’d legs.

Ethan is heavy, (FYI) the days of scooping him up are long gone, these days, it’s dragging and pulling along, I’ve become an expert at it.

He kicked and punched me as I checked in at the reception window. The receptionist would be forgiven for thinking I had Tourette syndrome with the amount of ‘ahh stops’ and ‘no, no’s ’ coming out of my mouth in between confirming my appointment, well Ethans appointment. “Oh there he is” she stood up, looking down she spotted him. “Not you” he roared, red faced and spitting. “He’s had a rough day, he’s out of school early and has missed lunch because of it” I tried to explain his mood.

I coaxed him into the stupidly small waiting area, full of magazines for adults to read, nothing for children, which I won’t lie, annoyed me. I made a mental note, (for all that’s worth these days!) to bring distractions for Ethan next time we’ve to attend.

For a children’s service, this was pathetic.

Or were they mocking me, knowing I’d never get a chance to pick a magazine up, let alone read it! I sighed as Ethan banged on the window screaming “Robot”, well, at least it’s not ‘f**k off’ I smiled as he banged a little harder.

I stupidly sat down.

He bolted out the door.

I gave chase.

“Leg me go” he screamed as I managed to grab his hood before he got out the front door. The receptionist had a nice view from behind her glass window. I dragged him kicking, by the way, if a child who is wearing AFO’s kicks you, it’s best to try and get them to hit any flabby bit of your leg, pray they don’t hit the bone full on, it leaves a nasty bruise and a bump, I’ve just discovered this, this evening.

“It’s 2.15. How much longer will they be?” I was short and to the point as Ethan was now trying to bite me. I had one hand on his head, trying to keep him at bay long enough to hear her answer. “Ohh, am, ohh. They’ve been delayed. They’ll be here in a few minutes, I’m so sorry”. She couldn’t help but tilt her head, you know,that ‘pity you’ tilt.

I smiled and thanked her while Ethan managed to connect his teeth to my arm. Luckily, Ethan’s teeth don’t join, so he’ll never break the skin but it does f**king hurt all the same. “Ouch. You hurt mom” I firmly told him. “I so sawry”, I did sense he didn’t mean it, but I took his apology and shook his extended hand.

He walked back in to the waiting area, calmer and satisfied, I guess, that he got that anger, frustration out. We sang and danced for a few minutes before he decided he was going home. “Not yet” I told him. “NOW” he stormed off kicking the wall, plant and radiators on his way.

A doctor, stood at the reception, informed me that she just received a call from Ethans team and that they will be another 40 minutes or so if I could hang on.

“Are ya joking?” I snapped as Ethan was now kicking the front door, screaming  “F**K OFF”. “Do you see this behaviour? This is why we are here! They know he can’t wait. He can’t sit around for five minutes before an appointment let alone an hour! Are ye for real?”.

The Doctor blushed, “I’m sorry. They just got caught up in something.” I rolled my eyes. Ethan came over and gave me a push, not a gentle one. I ignored him. “Can you tell his team, the reason he is behaving like this is because they won’t give me morning appointments like I’ve asked for, he has missed his lunch, his day is too messed up for him to process it and , and now I’ve done it all for nothing. He’s been here nearly a half hour already.They should have known not to suggest for us to wait for them. Do they actually listen to me?” I felt embarrassed as the doctor looked horrified.

“I’m sorry. Look, ask them to ring me please, I know it’s not your fault. Sorry” I stuck out my hand. “You’re totally right to be annoyed. Is he, is he allowed do that?”. I turned around to see Ethan trying to open the front door with his now liberated AFO. “Jesus” I got to him, just before he tried to smash the glass with the AFO. “We go now. Mommy put your leg back on” I sat him on the ground. “Ohkay, I blove you” and just like that, my Ethan was back.
**** AFO- are splints for Ethans legs which help him walk and keep his feet lower to the ground, they are hard plastic and sore, for me not him!!!******


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