An evening in ….

Baby D has started to walk. Well, more like wobble. He wobbles quiet well from one end of the room to the other. He falls, looks around, gets back up and starts over. Every now and then he’ll give himself an ‘ol round of applause- probably in all his thirteen months ( almost 14!)on this earth, he knows mammy is unable to clap and congratulate him on every single step. Mammy is busy trying her best to keep Ethan away from him, so he can wobble about safely( well, as safely as possible, I have mentioned( in other posts) I have no intension of baby proofing, haven’t I ?!
Baby D just loves Ethan and the feeling is mutual, Ethan cannot get enough of this little dude. I don’t blame either of them, they are both gorgeous( biased, me?! Never!)
We have always worried about this stage in baby D’s life, him being more mobile means Ethan has more opportunities to grab him and squeeze the bejayous out of him, which Ethan will do. Ethan is not trying to hurt baby D, he just ” bloves” him, he has no idea how strong he is.
When it’s just us three here and since the wobbling began, it ain’t been easy. J is normally upstairs doing his ‘homework’, which, by the way, is never finished until it’s almost Ethan’s bedtime, convenient, yes, do I blame the kid, nah, Ethan is tough on him too.
I’ve got the performing wobbler one end of the room, while I have a four foot brick, strong as an ox kid, on the other side. Ethan sees nothing in front of him, like strewn toys, for example, if he sees someone drive or walk past our window he is over investigating. Unfortunately, that’s were my mini wobbler is wobbling, I am like a ninja. Really, I am. I sit with my ass hovering over the couch waiting for either one to make their move. Ethan’s in casts, I hear, my regular readers cry, yes, yes he is, but no one has told Ethan this, Ethan has compensated for this since he first got the casts, almost six weeks ago now!
I jump as soon as wobbler has wobbled to the couch and Ethan has decided to blove the crap out of him. I hold Ethan firmly, ease him down to kiss baby D while D smacks Ethan in the face. Ethan laughs his usual belly laugh, which encourages baby D to hit him more. I’ve no free hand to stop the baby, so I say as sternly as I can, “Ahh ah, D. Nicely only”, to no fecking avail. Ethan thinks it’s a game and starts roaring, ” fuck off” while trying to free himself from my loosening grip, so he can squeeze the baby, who is now picking up words as well as being a fantastic wobbler and smacker!
I am now in a situation where I’ve to decide; how bad is it if the baby learns “fuck off” compared to him hitting ( smacking) people in the face, because right now, this baby is learning both behaviours are ok. I sigh. I pull Ethan back, using my full 10 stone body weight, eventually I get him onto my lap. He’s now “bloving” on me, which is always welcomed. Baby D spots this and starts whinging. Pulling at me trying to climb on me too. Ethan sees this as a game too. So now I’ve a wobbling baby pulling at me and a much older child with casted legs,kicking them about laughing his arse off. Needless to say, I’m a bit sweaty at this point. I ignore baby D and try to draw Ethan’s attention to the TV , which thankfully works, 90% of the time. I wriggle Ethan off my lap, while taking the baby up, who only wants to hit me and attempt to say ” fuck off ” . I repeat, myself over and over, ” ah ah, nicely only”. He only laughs while trying to grab at Ethan. I put his wobbly legs back on the ground and tell him a very firm “no”, he wobbles off crying, shooting me dirty looks from his corner full of toys.
J decides now is a great time to come running into the room, full of excitement over his Alien, which he honestly believes has grown,( don’t even ask!) and so baby D and Ethan start laughing and shouting joining in with J’s excitement.
And so the cycle starts again, this time I’ve three of them with a side of ADHD thrown in for good measure.
God, I’m tired…


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