An absolute rant …no story just a rant

Back seat parenting…
Drives me fucking mad.

“Well you know,children repeat what they are shown, that’s all I am saying”, spoken by a 30 something year old who has no children.
“You know, what you should do now, save a little every week, put a bit aside, sure then you wouldn’t have to worry about Christmas expenses”, said by same person, who lives at home with their parents.
“Don’t allow him to do that! If he were mine, I wouldn’t let him get away with that nonsense !” Again, advice from an adult,who has never had a child.
“You should always,always make sure you spend time with all your kids,individually and together as a family”, advice from a ‘friend’ who has not once babysat for me,due to Ethan being difficult and having no ‘manners’.
“Ahh, let him have it,it’ll do no harm”, advice from an adult (who spends over 30 minutes in my house, monthly, ) regarding J, (a child with severe ADHD,) having handfuls of sugary sweets, despite me asking them not to bring that to my house.
“You should all go visit santa together,can D not take time out to bring ye?” another lovely statement,after I’ve explained that D has exams,I’ve even suggested they come with me instead only to be answered with,” I’ve work, can’t do it.”

So yeah this is a rant, I feel better now….Fuck you back seat parents, fuck off.


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