Ah , I’m always the last to know

Looks like Ethan and baby D are still having the ‘shitting wars’~ again they have left me to find this out for myself.
Today was definitely a shitty day.Both tried to out do each other,poor D has no idea Ethan has 12 years experience on him. Baby D was never going to win this war but that didn’t stop him from trying.
I had just rinsed Ethan’s pants out when J called me, “Quick mam, baby D is stink, yuck” I threw Ethan’s pants into the abused washing machine and made my way to J and the shitty baby. “Ah for flip sake” I sighed as baby D was happily investigating the contents of his full nappy.Annoyed at myself for not putting his pants back on, I grabbed the baby wipes. After much wriggling, twisting, giggling (the baby, certainly not me) and kicking, I managed to clean his bottom.
Ethan decided it was a good time to smear diarrhoea all over the playroom floor. “Uhh mam look”J roared as Ethan entered the room sporting a lovely brown shade all over his face and hands. “Hi, it’s me Ethan” he stretched his arms out.”Close the door J” I roared as baby D made a break for the playroom. “Watch him J and don’t open that door” I ordered J as I guided Ethan out the sitting room door and into the bathroom, for his fourth wash of the day.
Remember this story the next time your child has a poop, be thankful ‘shitting wars’ are not a common occurrence in your house!!!



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