Adventure Belts , hidden gem !


Oh it is always a great idea at the time – you decide to bring all the kids out and the family pet for a nice walk about the city or beach or woods. I don’t know about you parents, but for me, I cannot handle all the kids alone, especially in a busy shopping center or walking along a busy promenade.

I was offered ‘The Adventure Belt’ from More-2-explore to review about a month ago.

I jumped at the offer as I was tired of calling my newly turned four year old to no avail.

Perhaps my circumstances are a little different from the average family but for me, that was all the more reason to try out the Adventure Belt.

My darling four year old sees family walks as an opportunity to go as far as he can while I try hard not to shout( but end up screaming) for him to stop, wait or come back.

You see I cannot chase him, nor can I hold his hand as my hands are firmly fixed to my eldest sons wheelchair; I cannot count the amount of times I have had to give chase then stop and remember I forgot to lock the wheelchair .

I have made him hold the handle of the chair too but my eldest doesn’t like him being that close to him and tends to tell him to ‘leg go’ every few seconds.

I have three boys and each one of them have ran off on so many occasions (my eldest used to be the best at running off in a split second) normally when I least expect it ; so when this belt arrived I got very excited.

We loaded up the car and decided to go right into the heart of our bustling city to test this little belt out.

The freedom my youngest thought he had was amazing, while my blood pressure remained stable. We walked around the Christmas market in a clam and peaceful manner, all while my little dude was attached to me.

He loved the belt; which shocked my husband who didn’t like the idea of it to begin with. We’ve all heard the comments about toddler reins and how some parents love them, while others feel they are too much. My husband was the latter parent.

The adventure belt is so different.

The belt allowed our youngest to go about the busy Christmas market independently while giving us the freedom to look around too, knowing our little guy couldn’t run off.

Let me explain a little about the belt; the elasticated bungee which links me to my little explorer can be adjusted in length and removed altogether if needed. But one of the best features , I felt , was that my little treasure was unable to open the belt or the bungee as it has a three way opening system which means even the most creative little ones, cannot open it. There is also a little pouch , which he adored , as he filled it with his ‘Lego men’ but I loved it because I could fill out all our contact information.

While my husband didn’t like the idea to begin with, he quickly fell in love with it when he placed it on our eldest son.

Our eldest son is losing his ability to walk due to a progressive metabolic condition. My eldest is 15 years old but is smaller than an average eight year old; he has no idea his body is slowly failing him. He loves to walk, even though he can’t do it for long these days.

My husband decided to place the belt on him , wheel him down to the local park and let him out for a short walk.

Ethan, has always been very independent and stubborn. He doesn’t really like you to hold his hand when he does go for a small walk but he is so unsteady on his feet that we have no choice but to insist he holds our hands or we hold his coat from behind.

With the Adventure Belt, Ethan walked slightly ahead of my husband, thinking he was on his own. He kept looking back to see that dad was following him but he got his independence and was delighted to be off walking without having to hold hands.

The beauty of the adventure belt is that it can be adjusted to suit the needs of ‘toddlers’. Yes , my son isn’t a toddler but we have been looking for something to help safely keep some of his independence and surprisingly we have found it in the Adventure Belt.

If Ethan became unsteady, all my husband had to do was keep the bungee tight and prevent the fall. So far this has been working well.

We rotate the Adventure Belt between our eldest and our youngest and for our family it has been a very successful tool to have – it helps me, just me to take my three boys out for walks, before the belt I always needed another adult, with the belt I don’t.

I know it won’t be long until my youngest decides he doesn’t need it anymore but my eldest absolutely loves it and we will continue to use it for as long as his ability to walk some distances continues – and yeah, we do get the ‘looks’ ; we don’t care – the belt gives my mind peace and gives my eldest independence while teaching my youngest to stay closer to us when we are out and about.

For our family it is a win, win.


*Disclaimer – I was sent the Adventure Belt in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links . 


  1. I have nothing but good things yo say about the Adventure Belt. Ours arrived just in time for our trip to America at the end of the summer and it was a godsend. Great when toddlers out grow their reins!

  2. I think these belts are wonderful. Anything that helps ease a parents mind while minding the kids is a good thing. I had major surgery when my son was 1 & again when he was 3. Like you, I couldn’t go out with my kids alone. If my son at 3 decided to take off there was nothing I could’ve done. I purchased something called a Hand Holder, a bungee attached to my wrist and my son’s wrist. I pulled it out again after my 3rd was born, with 3 kids and 1 adult you are way out numbered and you just don’t have enough hands. It was great for us, although I like the idea of the belt better. Did we get looks? Yep! Did I care? Nope!
    I hope you keep receiving products to test out. It’s nice to buy something that has been kid tested and mom approved by a friend!

  3. Love the name though it make your kid seek adventure when using it haha. Glad you’ve found something that works for you. I also steer clear of shopping if I can help it as my little one loves exploring once we’re inside the shop (perfectly peaceful in the pram outside though haha)

  4. The belt sounds like a great idea, and seems to work well for you. I can see why some may be a bit hesitant, as it’s like putting children on a leash. However I think if it’s protecting your children and giving them a sense of independence at the same time then I’m all for it!

  5. I’ve seen the adventure belt before and have considered it for my 3 year old. He likes doing a runner, and no longer likes to wear his reins which he was fine with until about 6 months ago.

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