A nurse,an au pair and a cleaning lady …all rolled into one!

I’ve been sick again since ‘Bad’ Friday. Haven’t I been punished enough?Apparently not.
D started his work experience on Tuesday. I had dinner on the table by 5.30, like the fabulous wife that I am. Everything was ok, the day went relatively fast considering I sent J to Easter camp. It was just Ethan, baby D and I,all day long, oh and the blazing hot sun, which annoys the crap out of Ethan and apparently makes baby D very very cranky,while it fills me with guilt , yes the sun fills me with guilt. Guilt as I see pictures of other families going out and about making the most of their Easter break with their ever smiling children and their ice cream cones by the bay. I’m not jealous…no,no I am, because if I even attempted that ever so lovely picnic on the beach with my three wonderful children, I fear I would need to be checked into one of those ‘clinics’ by none other than the Garda Siochana themselves.
So while I flicked through social media sites looking at all the wonderful ‘normal’ families, I felt that guilt, couldn’t I at least try to venture out with Ethan and baby D, maybe even to the unsuitable playground, or to the park full of hills with the sun getting hotter and hotter by the second. I considered this, as I watched Ethan jump up and down squealing at his new Netflix (God bless it) show, while baby D played happily with his jug of water. Yes, jug, when the water charges come in,(eventually, I do believe our Government will get us all to pay for our water,rightly or wrongly!) I don’t want a huge shock, in the words of my father “I’m not Vincent”.
I decided it just wasn’t worth the hassle, I didn’t feel too well, my energy was low so why put myself through more, eh?! Like the great mom I am, I gave them each an ice-pop and continued hanging out my plies of washing .
By Wednesday, I really wasn’t well. I pushed it aside as Ethan had to have his infusion a day earlier than normal. The nurse, (not our nurse E, as she was away) fell and almost broke everything in the house to break her fall, thankfully, she was okay, I can’t say the same for my glass, which I had sitting on a table by the front door, the same glass I had been meaning to move for weeks now, but had no idea where to leave it…oh well, she solved that issue for me.
By Thursday I was sick. There was no hiding it. No pushing it aside. Luckily for me, my very best friend A was off work and made the silly mistake of calling. She called at something am, I had no plans to let her go until well into the pm. She took one look at me and turned into a nurse, an au pair and a cleaning lady…while telling me to go to bed. I couldn’t. I felt I’d be taking complete advantage of her… so instead I lay on J’s beanbag and watched her parent Ethan and baby D. Again J was at Easter camp, lucky little dude, wish someone would send me to camp, it doesn’t have to be an Easter camp either! She also demonstrated her ability to peel potatoes with Ethan in the kitchen and baby D pulling at her leg. Meanwhile I managed to hang out more clothes and finally saw the bottom of all the wash baskets…is there any greater feeling I ask you?!!!
The rain is falling this evening as the guilt subsides…



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