A little boy who deserves all his heart desires…is our J

“How much is the Wii U again mam?” He asked as he took his €20 from his wallet.
I sighed, “A lot more than that J, I’m afraid.”
“I know, but if I save all my pocket money, I might be able to buy it for my birthday” he reasoned.
His birthday is in February, he gets €5 a week, (give or take- depending on his behaviour), he spends at least €3 a week on mentos ( a brand of particular sweets ) and the Wii U costs roughly €390.00.
“I doubt it honey, maybe if you save as much as you can, daddy and I might be able to help you out with the rest, what do ya think?” I smiled.
“Yeah, yeah mam, that’s a great idea. I’m going to put this €20 in my room so I don’t spend it!” He suddenly stopped, ” oh mam, I forgot, I’ve to still get Ethan a present, and you and dad” he slumped his narrow shoulders.
“I know bud,’ tis tough this present buying lark isn’t it?” I sighed.
“It sure is and I’ve to still save, it’s hard being an almost adult”
I giggled. “Sure is” I nodded.
“Well, when I’ve done my shopping I can save then, can’t I?”
“‘Course ya can” I winked.
“Okay so. I’ll use this €20 for presents then I’ll start saving, is that a good idea?” His eyes narrowed.
“The best I’ve heard all day” I patted his head and off he went.

I continued to wash the dishes, with a huge smile on my face, I cannot wait until 25th of December , you’ll never guess what our Mr J is getting……



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