Potty Season

“Pee pee in the potty” I clapped my hands and kicked out my foot.
My husband laughed.


“Pee pee in the potty” I repeated, ignoring my husband D, who was pretending to video me. Ignore him Ger, this worked for the other two it’ll work for this one!


“Yippee Yippee for the pee pee” I jumped up and down, a bit like we all did when Ireland scored that goal against France.


“You did it buddy, well done you!” I cheered and concluded, had I been born in America, I’d have made a good cheerleader.


He pulled up his underpants forgetting to pull it over his bum, daddy helped him,as he jumped up and down clapping and marvelling at his pee pee – “ I am only excellent” he declared.


“Modest too” D added.


This was day one and I was ready, ready to step back into the world of potty training.


My toddler has been ready for at least two weeks before hand but ya know, I felt we both needed to be ready; ok truth be told two weeks ago I was distracted, with my baby sister coming home from Australia and all the excitement of her pending wedding!


Day one was good, in fact it was great.


There were four pee pees and one poop made in the potty.


Day two, my cheer was still there but it was fading fast once I found two separate puddles and one sticky poo, no where near the potty.


“It was accerdent. The poop came and the pee and I’d no nappy and this happened and it wasn’t me fault” his chocolate brown eyes looked up at me as I sighed and asked “Why didn’t you use the potty?”


“Not so ‘Barney and friends’ now are ya!” D laughed as he took the toddler up for his,what was now becoming, daily showers.


Day three ( which was yesterday) my cheer was gone. Just as quickly as it appeared it had disappeared and so had my hopes of getting this over and done with within a week.




I opened the sitting room door, expecting some sort of rugby match on but instead was met with the toddler squatting , Ethan , J and D all chanting and roaring “COME ON DO IT..YOU CAN DO IT”.


Ethan was laughing and pointing while the toddler was turning a darker shade of red, “Poo poo head” Ethan laughed.


“I’m not ETHAN!”


“Poop” Ethan laughed.


“Ah Ethie that’s not nice,” I smirked, secretly impressed that Ethan knew what Dee Dee was trying to do.


“Come on lads, give him some space” I encouraged the ‘group’ to leave the kid poop in peace. And so he did. In fact he pooped twice and peed four times in the potty.


I did however, walk into the sitting room just before his bedtime to find him sitting on the potty peeing, while the potty was placed on the couch.


“Who put that there ?” I asked knowing this was the work of the middle guy, J.
“Me. It is to get him ready for the toilet, I figured that’s how high the real toilet will feel when he starts using that too, ya know” he nodded like he had just stated the most reasonable fact ever.


“No, no, that’s dangerous and it could spill, would you like pee pee or worse on you J?”


“No mother (his latest name for me, tweens, eh?!) I would certainly not like that.” He stated.


Today is day four.


We have had an explosion or two, it really feels like a competition between Ethan and the toddler, when one does it the other feels compelled to see that pee and raise it by a poop…


While Ethie is by far, much easier to clean, that doesn’t stop him laughing his ass off at the toddler who has had an accident here and there on the chair, the floor, the coffee table..(don’t even ask) which I’m worried is giving the toddler a complex- “Is it feck, he’s grand , he only loves the attention he gets for using the potty and hates Ethan pointing and laughing, he’s grand” D, clearly disagrees.


“Shall I do a pee? Sit down and watch me be great” he ordered his grandparents as they popped in for a few minutes…so I guess he doesn’t have a complex…that’s one less thing to worry about ..now come on and make good with the pee and poop without the song and dance and the ‘team’ encouragement from your brothers and father — just do it so we can close this chapter and yes, I’ve have also concluded I really wouldn’t have made a good cheerleader , afterall.


Stay tuned as we face day five in the potty house…potty training, I am, of course, referring to!
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  1. We’ve been working on potty training with our little guy too. For the most part it’s going well, it really does make them quite proud when they get it right and everyone in the house is giving them High 5! I have to tell you though, my favorite potty moment came while training Little Guy’s big sister. While out and about I took her to McDonalds for an ice cream to celebrate how well she was doing. Of course no trip would be complete without a stop in the restroom, after Big Sis was done and praised it was my turn. By this time there were others waiting right outside our stall. When Big Sis heard my “success” she earnestly proclaimed; “Good job Gramma, I’m proud of you!” much to the delight of those waiting, who then applauded as we left the stall. Potty training, another one of those things we are never fully prepared for.

    1. oh that made me laugh!!! thanks for that! kids sure can be very funny! thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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