Appreciation for ‘him’

There are special daddies out there.
They walk with us.
They stand shoulder to shoulder with doctors and specialist asking the hard questions.
They take our hands and remind us “We will be ok” and somehow, we believe them.
They talk.
They talk about the future, they gently remind us there are certain things we must plan for, no matter how hard.
They build us up before our child is wheeled away for an operation, they pick us up as soon as our child is out of sight.
They do the hard stuff.
They sign the DNR.
They sign the document stating the ‘we know our child may not make a full recovery’.
They go into the school and let them know that something isn’t right.
They stand in the face of ignorance every day and roar right back at it…something I admire, you, the daddy for.
They stay up and watch the machines, hoping the latest beep doesn’t wake the sleeping mom.
They know all the medications just as well as mom, if not better.
They talk proudly of their child(ren) when they meet friends.
They speak of abilities not disabilities.
When they meet a dad like them..they are at home.
They are so very strong…yet so very soft.
They take the silly pictures.
They keep the cinema ticket stubs.
They keep photographs in their wallet.
They say hello to every child they see.
They smile and laugh.
They cry…too.

Yes there are special daddies out there. There are many many of you and then there is that daddy who may not have fathered their child but is very much the daddy of that special little kid. And, boy are you men amazing.

There are special daddies out there and they do walk with us on this journey of life with a very special little child.

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